9 Bulletproof Content Marketing Strategies for SaaS Startups

Doesn’t it feel terrible?

You dedicated all your time to develop a product and you have successfully launched it as SaaS (Software as a Service). Even after months passed, you got nothing but an empty site with zero visitors!

Did it ever happen to you?

If you have a YES, hear me out; I know what went wrong. And, I can help you get rid of the chaos as I am going to share ten future-proof content marketing strategies for SaaS startups with you.

Content Marketing Strategies for SaaS Startups

Maybe you are freaked out by the lowest conversion rate of your product; maybe you want to increase the sales. Whatever be your aim, the prime motive should be exposing your product to the mass. And, here come the strategies for that.

Industry Research

First, you need to know your industry well. Let’s say you have a web application that creates invoices. Then, who would be your potential clients?

That’s the first thing you must think. If you ask me the same, my answer is ‘freelancers.’ Yeah, online freelancers deal with invoices the most.

Once you understand who your target audiences are, the time comes to know them in detail. In-depth understanding of your audience is called demographics.

You can use many tools to figure out the behavior, age, and such details. In case you are short of tools, don’t hesitate to use Google.

Look at the statistics of academic writes I got via a simple Google search down below.

So you have to target women with ages in between 25 and 34 if freelance academic writers are your ideal audience.

Know where Your Potential Customers Hangout

You can’t find your target client everywhere. How can you market your Invoice creating software in the WhatsApp group of your college friends? It just doesn’t sound right.

That’s why you need a precise idea of where your potential customers hang out. If you haven’t got enough monetary sums to invest on tools, you can simply use your brain.

Let’s get back to the example again.

You want to know where the freelance academic writers hang out the most.

Do you know there are tons of freelance writers’ groups on social media, especially on Facebook? About 75% of members there are writers, looking forward to job postings.

Can you imagine the outcome after you share the easy-to-use invoice generating tool with them?

I know it may not be your product. But think of the possibilities.

The social media group idea works for almost every niche. There are tons of groups based on diversified topics, filled with enthusiastic people. You must laser-target every move that none of it should go in vain.

Does your product solve a hitherto unanswered problem? Then head over to Quora and plug your core topic into the field. You will get a few questions there for sure.

Sit back, relax and write a neat answer with a link to your site. Be careful not to sound pure promotional.See, the possibilities are infinite. You need to find out how to use the proper one.

Start a Blog

Here comes the most important content marketing strategy for any company, let alone SaaS.

Start a blog and put a link to the same on the navigation bar.

You may not know the importance of having a blog. Check out the stat given below from Hubspot.

Content writing for academic


A whopping 55% more visitors come to the companies with a blog!! What does this stat tell you?

Blogs play a vital role in bringing customers.

Read this post from SEMRush for example. They have a backlink monitoring tool and, in the blog post, the writer draws their target audience (internet marketers) to read it and later, use the service.

As I have already said, you should be informative with each blog post. Every time you mention your product, make sure it doesn’t sound like self-appreciation.

Do you think having a blog isn’t a typical business trait? What about the following stat from the year 2011??

The figure is even more now.

Steal from Your Competitors

Oops! Did I sound nonsensical?

Trust me! Your competitors can teach you a number of lessons. Being a startup, your company doesn’t seem reliable to your target audience.

The best thing to do is analyze your competitor who is already doing well in the market. Then, understand what works for them and, do the same in a refined way.

I am not telling you to rebrand your competitor’s product like yours. But recognize their profitable channel. Maybe it’s organic visits. If so, you have to find their top ranking keywords along with their backlink sources (pivotal in this case).

I recommend you should use SEMRush (check the image below) and Ahrefs in this regard.


Want to hear from the pro? Read Neil Patel’s best tools to analyze the competition.

Offer Freebies

What if I give you a free copy of Stephen King’s On Writing? Do you love that?

Even if you are hearing the title for the first time, you don’t want to miss it, right? Believe me; it’s the human psychology! We love getting freebies no matter it is of no use to us. Then, imagine the scenario if you offer useful stuff.

I hope you know who your target audience is. Provide something valuable to them.

Bear in mind not to provide it for free! You should take their email addresses in return (cheap price, right?). In future, you can use all the collected email addresses to send an alluring offer no one can reject.

See how Jon Morrow from SmartBlogger gathers tons of emails each day. His audiences are bloggers and writers. Hence it perfectly does the magic.

Develop a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel involves a series of steps you take to compel a person to buy your product without annoying them. Though there are several types of sales funnels, a typical one goes like the image below.

The first is the awareness stage where a person comes to know about your service from social media or search engines or any channel.

You have to seduce him/ her virtually with the quality of the content to purposefully invite for doing even a single task to follow up your activities (like email subscription or following on social media).

Once you get an opportunity to approach them, use it sensibly in an attractive way. If you periodically message them with a buying request, your emails definitely end up in their spam box.

Hence, send them soft-compelling emails or posts to get them as your customers.

Reach Out to Maximum People

The first step of a sales funnel comes here; marketing.

You need to reach out to masses. Everyone should know the use of your product. Of course, there are paid ways to get attention.

But that doesn’t mean the lack of free methods.

Guest blogging is my favorite method. The image given below depicts the exponential increase in traffic of a blog after publishing a guest post on CopyBlogger.

Brian Dean has a perfect definitive guide to guest blogging along with his exclusive tips.

You can use press releases, social media, ads and sponsored posts too. But still, I recommend guest blogging because it returns the best ROI. The investment is your words, though.

Tip: – Talk about your product only once in the article. Let the article be useful not purely promotional.

Use Customer Testimonials

One of the best practices to gather clients is to stop talking about yourself and your product. Instead, you can persuade others to speak in your favour; not by paying but by providing meaningful services.

I am talking about customer testimonials here. A survey conducted by Dimensional Research showed that online reviews influence about 90% of people’s buying decisions.

Once you find a customer became satisfied, ask him/her to write a testimonial on the sales or social media page with a real avatar (and website if any).

Your visitors coming through the sales funnel read the actual testimonials. Backed by your strong sales funnel actions and the positive impact created by the testimonials, they will buy your service.

Keep it Simple

You heard me, didn’t you?

If you don’t want people bouncing back in the middle of lead generation processes, you must lessen the steps needed. While you collect emails, just provide only one field or max two.

In case you give your audience a free demo, decrease the actions they have to take for getting their hands on what they need.

Look at the image given above. SEMRush has given a field to try their service on the homepage itself. No strings attached. Anyone can test their service quality and make a purchase right away.

You should keep the simplicity in design too.


I guess that’s it.

You have got nine working content marketing strategies for SaaS startups. Follow them without fail. I know it’s not an overnight task to integrate these practices into your content marketing schedule.

It doesn’t matter you do them slowly. But ensure the regularity.

Your product will start gaining tons of eyeballs gradually. Take my words!

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