Hi. My name is Sai Bharath, I help business in improve their website conversion and fixing web analytics.

I am a Blogger, Digital Marketing enthusiast, and Traveller.

  • More than 5 year experience in SEM,SEO and Web Analytics.
  • Google analytics┬áCertified
  • Google Adwords certified
  • ┬áCertified Web analytics from MarketMotive.com
  • Masters in MBA
  • Founder of Nowtalkdigital.com Blog

I am creating this blog to share my experience and knowledge that I have gained in digital marketing till date.

Are you an aspiring digital marketing professional or do you want to learn in and out of Digital Marketing?

Then you’re in a right place!

NowTalkDigital.Com is a next step in learning new trending digital marketing topics and updated. We here update latest trending strategies on SEO/SEM/CRO and lot more.

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