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My name is Sai Bharath, After My MBA in Marketing and Sales, I started my career in 2014 March as Digital Marketing specialist. Currently, I am part time Blogger.

I am well conversant in various Digital Marketing domain – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Messenger Bot Funnel, WordPress, Analytics, WooCommerce, Paid Ads and Dropshipping. I have handled Ad spend of over 10+ Lakhs Per month on Facebook and Google Adwords.

Why I created NowTalk Digital
I started blogging on April, 6th 2017, where I could share my blogging experience with you all. I would be sharing the skills that i acquired during this 5 years. As a result, I created NowTalk Digigal to help other bloggers by teaching them online marketing skills and also telling them how to make some money from this skills.

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Blog Contributor: Joydeep Laskar, Swathi Singh, Pavan Singh 

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